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Quick Macro - Windows macro, online game macro, keyboard macro, mouse macro.

Quick Macro (QMacro) is an intelligent software to record, replay and edit keyboard macros and mouse macros. It has easy-to-use script editing interface for novice users to quickly create macros. It also has programmable macro script editing interface for professional programmers to program macro script in VB Script language. Quick Macro can be used for Windows automation scheduler, network management, online game auto-playing and many many ways.

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Why need macro software:

A macro is a series of scripted actions that is played upon demand. The most common activity of a macro is to send simulated keystrokes and mouse clicks to one or more windows. Such windows respond to each keystroke and mouse click as though you had performed it manually, which allows repetitive tasks to be automated with high speed and reliability.

Long time of repetitive operations on computer is not only boring, but also harmful. More and more people suffer from Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI), such as "mouse shoulder", carpal tunnel syndrome, "tennis elbow" and so on. Why not let the computer fulfill the repetitive tasks?

Quick Macro is an easy-to-use mouse macro and keyboard macro recorder, re-player and editor designed to help you eliminate repetitive operations. It is the easiest way to make working in Windows faster, easier, and more productive. Using this time-saver, you can set up macros that simplify complex or repetitive tasks and operations into a single step. Simply record anything once and then play it back at any time, at any speed, with a single keystroke!

  • Intelligent software to record, replay and edit keyboard macros and mouse macros.
  • Easy-to-use macro scripting & editing. Template wizard for quick macro creation.
  • Programmable macro script for professional programmers. VB Script supported.
  • Thousands of useful macro scripts made by users on the internet.
  • Support both global and program-specific macros. Program-specific macros work only when certain window is in the foreground.
  • Reliability and Accuracy Guarantee.
  Use for:
  • Use macros with online games. Support almost all the online games.
  • Automatically open programs, visit your favorite websites, fill online forms, login to your web mail
  • Automatically enter data into any application or web form
  • Use Quick Macro as an auto-clicker, click-machine
  • Automate & schedule any business task

In fact, once you start using Quick Macro, you will discover hundreds of new ways to use this product for your repetitive tasks.



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